Dentists, dental team members, and other health care professionals often suffer from chronic pain issues, mainly from prolonged sitting in awkward positions and strain from repetitive hand movements.

Research shows that 84% of dentists and 100% of dental hygienists complain of musculoskeletal pain related to their practice- 14% reported that it interfered with their work. 

Pain not only causes discomfort during work, but it is also the leading cause of unplanned early retirement. 

Pain impacts movement and enjoyment of activities outside of the office.

Stand in Harmony presentations get participants out of their seats and moving, while they learn about the neuroscience of pain and posture and what they can do to improve alignment to positively impact their health.


“Jackie Nathan’s  ‘Long-term Relief of Chronic Neck, Back, and Hand Pain without Drugs or Surgery’ provided relevant, helpful and fun content at our two day retreat for Dentists and Dental Team members. The presentations not only reenergized the audience by getting them up and moving, it also taught exercises and strategies that can be used by Dentists and Dental Team members (or anyone) to improve posture and relieve back and neck discomfort.

Nathan demonstrates clear understanding of what it takes to realign the body and get back to comfort. Her presentation  added a new and useful dimension to our event. 

As a meeting organizer, it was very easy working with her. She gladly participated in the event and was flexible with schedule and making content available to attendees. It was a fun part of the event and we’d have her back again!”

Elizabeth Davidson and Dr. Tom the Gems Guy
Gems Publishing USA, Inc.
Framingham, MA


“I really enjoyed the presentation by Jackie because it provided valuable education on posture realignment and changing how the brain perceives pain. I found it useful to learn about the importance of proper standing posture and how it can positively impact our overall health. She even gave suggestions on when this method could be easily incorporated into a daily routine, such as standing in line at the grocery store.

I appreciated the interactive method Jackie used to help teach us her sensory warm-up routine and to make sure we were doing it properly. The information on preventing neck, back, and joint discomfort was eye-opening, as I realized how misaligned posture was negatively impacting my health.

Some of the most valuable lessons I gained from the presentation was learning how to stabilize my posture through breathing and the proper way to sit in order to protect spinal curves, which has been a game-changer for me as someone who spends long hours sitting at my job. I hadn’t realized I had been sitting incorrectly this whole time. I loved that this presentation provided me with practical tools and techniques that I could implement in my daily life to improve my posture, reduce pain, and enhance my overall well-being”.

Julia Krek, DMD- Daytona Beach, FL