What this means is that sitting too much causes at least as many health problems as smoking. Prolonged sitting has an adverse effect on breathing, blood circulation, and posture. According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, studies show that sitting time is not only associated with all-cause mortality,1  but also with metabolic syndrome and non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular diseases,34 35, and some cancers. 

You are probably sitting as you read this, and the effects of prolonged sitting at work, in cars, at home, at restaurants, at movies or theaters, in airports, and on planes and trains has taken it’s toll on the human body. We can’t see what’s happening on the inside, but look around and see the how many people exhibit posture that includes rounding of their upper back, or flat or atrophied buttock muscles, or protruding bellies. Prolonged sitting leads to a change in muscle strength, length, and tension, which leads to gradual change in posture. 


(image courtesy of YogAlign®)
Aligned posture allows the body to move gracefully with minimal effort.

Posture is an adaptation as the body will always adapt to what is does over time. Years of rounding forward to look at cell phones and computers along with prolonged sitting has led to an epidemic of misaligned posture and the brain is responsible for orchestrating this unnatural and unhealthy adaptation. How the brain is involved in the adaptive process is complex as the control of postural tone is not simple and requires specialized neural circuitry.

It makes sense that restoring postural alignment involves retraining the neural circuitry.  With years of remarkable success stories, FitAlign® posture training is effective at restoring posture to it’s natural aligned state. Fit Align is a breath-based neuromuscular exercise system designed to improve posture and core strength from the inside out. Using resistance breathing techniques, self-massage, proprioceptive enhancement, and safe functional exercises, Fit Align rewires the brain to upload biologically efficient posture in all movements.


Cliff, improved forward head posture after 6 hours of FitAlign® Posture Training

Tom, severe forward head posture dramatically improved after only 5 hours of FitAlign® Posture Training