“Everything was useful.  She gave us information on new therapies for chronic pain and had us practice some of the posture therapy that she provides to her clients. Since this presentation I’ve been standing in the heron pose she taught us, and I will be getting a few patients of mine all the info Jackie presented. If she was located in Tennessee I would be trying to schedule 2 family members with her now. I don’t know how many presentations Jackie has done, but she sounded so natural on stage”
Terrie Cribbs, DDS, Knoxville, TN

“Best best , will be contacting her to see if we can help my mom!!! Thank you!”
Rita Kutsikovich, DDS. MPH, Prosthodontist, Cleveland, Ohio

“I will use her techniques daily. I will be taller in a month. Less back and neck pain will be a welcome non feeling. Was so happy I got a chance to know her during the lecture and meals”
Barry Moretzky, DMD, Brookfield, CT

“Felt good to be moving and balancing”
Jeff Cohen, DDS, Covina, CA

“Posture is an integral part of healthy aging”
Holly Sletten, DMD, Parker CO

“She is not afraid to get you up and moving. Very helpful and my team really was engaged as they have chronic issues due to years of working in dentistry.  Sitting is definitely the new smoking”
Deborah Taylor, Office Mgr Cleveland, NC

“Amazed how well I felt while she was talking and after the warm-up”
David Kelly, DDS, Tucson, AZ


“Thank you, Jackie!! I can’t tell you how glad we are to have learned so much about our posture from you.  You are an amazing person with so much goodness to share.  This was absolutely a worthwhile investment in health for our family. I’ve already shared our experience with someone who could really use your help” Monica Cappelli, N. Carolina