Stand in Harmony, LLC offers two main services:

  • presentations on the neuroscience of pain and posture to healthcare providers and the general public
  • private and group classes on brain retraining for posture alignment

The active presentations are up to 2 hours in length and provide information on pain and posture based on current scientific understanding, while also providing practical tips on restoring postural alignment for health. Knowing that SITTING is the main cause of forward head posture and other spinal misalignment problems, the presentations get conference attendees out of their seats and moving. This provides a break in the usual conference format and energizes the audience for the rest of the day.

Posture alignment classes utilize the Fit Align® Posture Method. Clients learn unique breathing techniques to tone deep core muscles, which assists in aligning posture from the inside out.


Jackie Nathan, APRN-BC has undergraduate degrees in Medical Technology and Nursing and a Masters degree in Advance Practice Nursing and is certified as a Posture Educator by FitAlign® Posture Training.  In 2012, she was recruited to the largest primary care practice in NH to redesign their care for chronic pain patients. She co-developed a novel and highly effective approach focused on pain neuroscience education and yoga, utilizing a group medical model of care. The program became more successful at relieving pain than any other available modality, receiving rave reviews from patients and their primary care providers. Jackie is now a sought-after practitioner who utilizes her knowledge of pain and posture neuroscience to creatively help persistent pain sufferers regain function and quality of life.


Phone: 978-482-7220

Email: Jackie at StandinHarmony.com